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We conduct consultations daily, Monday through to Saturday, by appointment, with no surcharges for appointments on Saturday. A consultation with our qualified and experienced veterinarians enables a thorough examination of your pet, and ensures a complete understanding and discussion of any concerns you may have. By the conclusion of the consultation, we can then determine the treatments, tests or procedures that will be of greatest value to you and the well-being of your pet.

Our principle veterinarians also do house call consultations. Please call us at 9432 7207 to schedule an appointment for your pet. In order to serve you and your pet better, please inform us of the specifics of your concerns at the time the appointment is made.



A microchip is an integrated circuit housed in an inert glass casing, approximately the size of a grain of rice. It uses passive RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology and carries a unique number that is then linked to the details of your pet in a nationwide database. It is the most reliable means of identifying your pet should he/she be lost, allowing the owner to be rapidly traced and contacted. It is important to ensure your details in the database are up to date.

In Australia, it is now a legal requirement for pets to be microchipped and registered with your relevant council. Microchipping is performed each day at the clinic. Please call us for an appointment for the procedure, and to complete the relevant paperwork to be submitted with each microchip application form. We also advise that you have contact details for an alternate person ready to add to the form.

Microchipping can also be done in conjunction with early desexing. To find out more, please discuss this with our veterinary nurse at the time of your surgical appointment.



We perform and can arrange for numerous surgical procedures in-house, such as routine desexing for dogs, cats and pocket pets, plus an array of more involved soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery. This includes (but is not limited to) complex removal and investigation of masses (lumps), surgery of the eye, bladder, intestinal obstruction, bone fractures, patella and cruciate surgery.

The vast majority of our surgeries are day procedures. An overnight fasting at home, plus an early admission to our clinic on the day of the surgery ensures reduced stress and anxiety for your pet, as he/she is only away from home for a short time. All procedures performed under sedation or general anaesthesia are closely monitored by a qualified veterinary nurse using appropriate monitoring equipment. We use modern anaesthetic machines and agents in accordance with today’s best practice.



In combination with our other procedures, we also employ a variety of in-house and external laboratory tests as a means of gaining further insight into the condition of our patients. We perform in-house microscopic examination of urine, skin scrape samples, cytology of fine needle aspirates and ear smears, and urinalysis.

Blood tests such as health profiles and monitoring of therapeutic drug levels are performed at an external laboratory to ensure consistency and accuracy, with turnover times for most tests within 1 business day. Our veterinarians may also recommend annual wellness blood tests as a health screen for elderly pets to aid early detection of some diseases.



We employ high technology for all our radiographic procedures, increasing the speed at which we obtain results, while reducing the stress on your pet. Our digital x-ray system is capable of rapidly producing images with clarity and high resolution. Since all the images are digital files, we can also provide the radiographs to you at your request. We use radiographs to investigate matters relating to the chest, abdominal cavity and bone structure.



Dental health is an often overlooked yet critical component of your pet’s overall well-being. Dental disease can be a source of considerable pain to pets, causing objectionable breath, tooth decay and even bone infections. As with people, the teeth of our pets benefit from regular maintenance with a variety of products that are readily available. We are able to provide you with prescription diets, the latest dental treats and prophylactic options (eg. water additives, toothbrushes and paste) for this purpose.

We also recommend complete dental scaling and polishing, plus extractions as indicated, based on an initial consultation, where an estimate will also be discussed. All such procedures are performed only by our experienced veterinarians and under general anaesthesia, which ensures pain-free dentistry for our patients.

Our advanced, compressed air-driven dental machine with ultrasonic scaler, high-speed low-torque handset and polisher enables us to finely tune settings to each individual patient. This equipment achieves non-traumatic ultrasonic scaling to remove plaque and tartar, and enables us to perform complex dental extractions.



Our clinic has a hospital complete with accommodation in different sizes to suit our patients and automated drip pumps to facilitate the administration of intravenous fluids and medications. The hospital provides a comfortable, warm, safe and quiet environment for our in-patients, whether they may be recovering from surgery or being managed for a medical condition.

All patients are monitored regularly by our veterinarian and team of nurses to ensure a high standard of husbandry is maintained, and that all medications are administered at the appropriate time and frequency.

When your pet is hospitalised, we also promote quiet visitations by clients, and by appointment.



We provide a complete grooming service at our clinic for both dogs and cats including baths and trimming. Our groomer uses a dedicated grooming area fitted with a hydrobath, professional coat drying units, electric clipper and regularly maintained blades to achieve the right trim for your pet.

Our clinic also accommodates grooming under sedation to reduce anxiety and stress for some patients. Regular grooming at home is strongly encouraged as this helps to foster a good relationship between each owner and their pet, maintains the original texture of coats by eliminating matts, and also enables early detection of any skin disease such as hot spots or parasite infestation. Grooming is usually done on two days each week at the clinic. Please call us to discuss the requirements for your next groom.