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Dr. Paul Singh (Paramjit Singh)

Veterinary Surgeon/Owner

The owner of the two veterinarian practices, Paul started Meadow Heights Vet Clinic in 1998 and Watsonia Vet Centre in 2003. Paul graduated in 1993 from The University of Queensland as a veterinarian and worked in mixed practice in Adelaide. Since then he worked in RSPCA (both Burwood and Pearcedale) and Cat Protection Society of Victoria.

Paul is easily approachable to his clients and attends after-hours emergencies.

Paul and all other veterinarians also do house call visits.

Dr. Andrew Lim

Veterinary Surgeon

Andrew joined the Northern Suburbs Veterinary Clinics in November 2010. He graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2004. After which, he enlisted in the Singapore Armed Forces for 2 years where he was trained as a military policeman and dog handler. During this time Andrew was placed in sole charge of the health, husbandry and welfare of over 200 military guard dogs and sniffer dogs. He then worked at the RSPCA (Burwood) for over three years, gaining experience with a wide variety of medical and surgical cases, the management of animal cruelty cases and shelter medicine before joining our practice.

Veterinary-related interests: Andrew completed a 1-year correspondence course in Behavioural Medicine in 2010 and is passionate about animal behaviour, a rapidly-advancing area of veterinary science. He also enjoys radiology and soft tissue surgery.

Other interests: In his spare time, Andrew is a keen photographer, photographing the wonders of nature, animals and even weddings!

Pets: Andrew’s pride and joy is a four-foot landscaped tank with over twenty African cichlids, which are brightly-coloured fish originating from the great rift lakes of Africa.

Memorable veterinary achievements: Reviving two stray dogs (each on a separate occasion) from near death, nursing them back to health and successfully rehoming them under the permanent foster scheme at the RSPCA.

Tina Moukas

Veterinary Nurse


Tina is our full time nurse, with over 5 years experience.
She received her qualification at Melbourne Polytechnic.
She has a keen interest in orthopedic and exotic surgery.
Her most memorable surgery was the first time she saw a TPLO surgery.
Tina owns two rescue dogs named Chester and Scruffy and one rescue named Misty.
She hopes to one day open up an animal shelter for older animals.

Jo Rosa

Senior Veterinary Nurse

Jo is our Senior Veterinary Nurse, she helped establish Watsonia Veterinary Centre when it opened in February of 2004 & spent many years there until having her children, 2 very energetic little toddlers! So now you’ll mostly find her at our Meadow Heights Clinic where she started back in 2001.

Ashlea Kuzia

Dog Groomer/Veterinary Nurse